Seller Stories

Todd is honest, fair, knowledgable, has great taste and I would absolutely recommend him. I will sell to him again in the future.

Laura S. Hay

We’ve been working with Todd and Company for years now. The team is so knowledgeable about what’s going on right now in the industry, the values of the products that we are trying to sell and they just make it all so easy. Love working with them!

Alta and John Riley

I’ve had this antique piece of furniture sitting in my garage for decades, and now I wish that I’d sold it to Todd and Company sooner! I had no idea it could be worth so much and now I’m trying to find more items to sell.

Joseph Gonzalez

I inherited tons of jewelry from my aunt and had no idea what how to sell the pieces I didn’t want to keep. Todd & Company showed me the current market value and paid very good prices on everything.

Jane Lee

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