About Todd Johnson

Todd wanted to broaden his business to incorporate his appreciation for jewelry with the same foundation of good ethical service and respect for his clients that he had applied to his antiques trade. Todd knows that trust and integrity are paramount in any pursuit that looks to enduring over the long haul. Client satisfaction is the hallmark of Todd & Company.

Todd holds a Graduate Diamond degree from the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.), the world’s foremost authority on diamonds and gemstones. Todd & Company is recognized as a purveyor of fine jewelry and watches at the most respected jewelry, gem, and antique shows in the nation.

Because of his background in antiques and his schooling in gemology, Todd’s breadth of knowledge and experience makes him one of Southern California’s most valuable resources. From fashion jewelry to fine diamonds, art glass to sterling silver, and prints to original, museum-quality paintings, Todd & Company is a the source for you to get the most for your valuable possessions.

To work directly with Todd and receive an estimate of what Todd and Company would pay for your items, fill out our contact form or simply reach out and call us at 619-972-7877. Todd or one of his friendly representatives will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Todd Johnson

Client satisfaction — the hallmark of Todd & Company


Ensure that Todd & Company is the most trusted independent purchaser of jewelry and other valuables in our markets, as a result of our knowledge, expertise, and service excellence.


Inspire the loyalty of Todd & Company clients by being the most trusted purchaser of jewelry and other valuables in our markets; be an authority in each area of our business; act responsibly and ethically.


Todd & Company uses its expert-level knowledge and respectful treatment of our clients to enhance client confidence and the reputation of Todd & Company.

We Love Our Work

We travel coast to coast to meet new clients and we participate in the top jewelry fairs and exhibitions in the country.

Why are we in this industry?

Life is too short not to love what you do, why you do it, and who you do it with.

Great Reputation

You'll enjoy every interaction with Todd & Company - we are committed to creating win-win interactions with you!

We travel the country representing Todd & Company. Here are some of the places you might find us.

Website: www.rgcshows.com/rosebowl.aspx

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